HE Experiences

Welcome to the HE experiences section for parents. We hope this will be useful in helping to support your chid with their Higher Education choices.

Open Days

This is when a university opens its doors so you can visit, allowing your child to meet staff and current university students. This first-hand experience can be useful for students when choosing which universities to apply for.

Use the following links to search for events:
UCAS - Events and Open Days
Unitaster Search Tool

Open Day Advice - University of Hull
(approx. 3 minutes long)

Virtual Tours

These are designed for you and your child to get a feel for the environment students will be studying in.
They are commonly presented via a 360 degree tour or by following a student around the campus.
Many universities are switching to this format in the current climate.

An explanation of how virtual tours work and where you can find these can be found under the UCAS section of our website.

You can also find a list of virtual tours here: UCAS - Virtual tours

University of Bath- Undergraduate campus tour
(approx. 4 minutes long)

University of Bath- Undergraduate campus tour

360° tour of UWE Bristol - Frenchay and Glenside Campuses
(2 minutes long)

Taster Days and Workshops

These are very similar to open days, however they often focus on a specific course, subject or department, rather than presenting an overview of the entire university experience.

Use our UniTasterDays search function to find taster days and workshops.


These are a chance to get a bite-sized student experience (usually between 3 and 5 days). Students will often stay in university halls, attend lectures, meet university students and go to organised social events.

Use our UniTasterDays search function to find suitable residentials.

University of Bath Year 12 Science Summer School

(approx. 4 minutes long)

York Experience Summer School
(approx. 3 minutes long)

HE Fairs

These are large events where you and your child can speak to hundreds of university providers in one place. You will able to ask specific questions and compare courses.

Click the links below to see what is on offer:
UCAS Exhibitions
UCAS - Create Your Future Event
UK University Search - 2020 Fairs
What Next? - University Exhibitors

UCAS Fairs: Top Tips
(approx. 6.5 minutes)

Top tips at a UCAS Exhibition
(approx. 1.5 minutes long)

Higher Education - Online Workshops and Courses

Higher Education institutions have developed online resources and courses to support learners in personal statement writing, money management, how to choose a course and interview skills, plus subject specific courses.

Visit our UniTasterDays site to search for workshops and courses.