Benefits of HE

Employability and Earning Potential


Statistically young people are less likely to be unemployed after attending university, with many companies running targeted recruitment programmes for graduates.

Employers recognise the dedication and transferable skills required to gain a degree. In fact, it is predicted that by 2022 half of all jobs will require a higher education qualification.

The following links provide some useful information, including Government research, the economic value of degrees and starting salaries per sector:
GOV.UK - Graduate earnings remain high
GOV.UK - Undergraduate degrees: labour market returns
Graduate salaries in 2020
Examples of graduate schemes

Many public sector professions offer graduate entry programmes. Examples of these are provided below:
Police:Now -Our programmes
The Top Five Graduate Schemes in The Public Sector

Going to University can act as a passport to more specialist jobs. The link below provides an example of this:
University of London - Choosing a degree and university for your science career

The Student Room is a useful forum for discussions on student life, with insights into possible careers: The Student Room
* Please note that the comments made in The Student Room are solely the opinions of specific individuals and are not opinions of the WIN

Developing Key Skills

Going to University isn’t just about getting a degree - it’s also about building and developing key skills that are highly valued by employers. These range from research, writing essays and assignments to working under pressure, meeting deadlines, giving presentations and time management.

The top 10 skills that'll get you a job when you graduate
7 ways to make yourself more employable
Skills gained from University

Work Experience and Careers Guidance

Universities are more aware than ever of the value of work experience to increase employability prospects for their students.

How work experience can help you get ahead at university
Success stories - Case studies of university-business partnerships from across the UK
Placer - Join the work experience revolution

Middlesex University, London - 7 Benefits to Work Experience

(approx. 2 minutes long)

Each university has its own careers service to provide individual advice, help facilitate placements and run events. Many have on-going networks of careers support and mentoring for students which continues throughout their working life.
University of London - Careers Service
University of Birmingham - Careers Network

The Careers Service for University of Manchester Students
(approx. 3.5 minutes long)

Pastoral Support and Care

All Universities provide on-going welfare support for student's mental and physical wellbeing, so you can be reassured that all needs are being met. An example of this support can be found below:
Newcastle University - Student and Staff Wellbeing

There are many apps and continuing developments for those needing extra help with their studies:
5 Apps to help Uni students with disabilities

Social life

Students who participate in the total student experience, benefit from a well-rounded education, contribute fully to university life and hopefully have lots of fun in the process.

City, University of London: Student Experience - My Life at City
(approx. 3.5 minutes long)

Making a difference in the world

A University education has the potential to open-up opportunities and inspire your child in ways that you and they may never have thought possible. Watch the following video to find out more:

TED Talks - Benefits of Higher Education in Today's Society
(approx. 4.5 minutes long)

Useful links

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The following link on the Careerpilot website explains what Higher Education is and the benefits:
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