Law trip

In response to requests from students, interested in pursuing a career in law, the WIN put together a day out in Bristol, to discover more about what the legal professions look like. The day started at the Crown Courts, learning what it's like to be on the jury, followed by a Q&A session with ‘His Honourable Judge Horton’who put the students through their paces in the witness stand,emphasising the importance of strong communication skills. The Judge encouraged students to see as much of life as possible, by getting part-time jobs, taking up hobbies and practising communicating with others. Students also visited the University of Law, learning about different routes into this area, specifically that of a Barrister or Solicitor, followed by a visit to Womble Bond and Dickinson, a UK/US commercial law firm. The students then undertook a negotiation activity, identical to those used on assessment days. They did amazingly well and reached a quick and civil agreement on the task. The law trip was a fantastic experience with lots of great characters along the way. The students reported finding the day very useful and very entertaining!