Service Families

Service Children and Higher Education

Information about Service Children and Higher Education can be found here.

Resources to help Schools support Service Children

The following resources offer advice to schools, to help support Service Children:

Service Children's Progression Alliance (SCiP) - Resources
The Royal British Legion - Support for Service Children
Armed Forces Education Trust - Collective Grants
Military Kids Club (MKC) Heroes - Connecting with other Schools

Teachers experiences of supporting Service Children

Watch the video below to hear about a teachers experience of supporting Service Children:

Teachers: Ideas for supporting military children in schools - A Military Children Education Resource
(approx. 1 minute long)

Service Children - Raising awareness for Teachers

The videos below show students giving feedback on the support they would like to have from teachers in school, to help them cope with the challenges of being in a military family.

Secondary Children: Raising awareness amongst teachers - A Military Children Education Resource
(approx. 1 minute long)

Secondary Children: Helpful Advice for Teachers - A Military Children Education Resource
(approx. 1.5 minutes long)

What do Universities do for Service Children?

Many Universities are supportive of students from military families and it is worth checking with the individual institutions to see what support they can offer.

Watch the video below, which shows the University of Winchester discussing how they can support students from military families through the application process and the understanding that there may have been disruption to education:

Opportunities in Higher Education for military children and families - A Military Children Resource
(approx. 2 minutes long)