IntoUniversity is a national educational organisation made up of local learning centres offering a range of programmes, both at its centres and in schools, to support students' aspirations. You can learn more about IntoUniversity and the Weston-super-Mare centre here.

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Academic Support
takes place for primary and secondary school students at the local learning centres, where students receive after-school help with homework, coursework, literacy and numeracy from trained tutors. One-to-one support with GCSE, degree options, coursework, revision, exam techniques, UCAS forms, interview techniques and gap years is also offered.

The Secondary FOCUS Programme is a structured series of workshops for Years 7-13. This programme involves two workshops per year, focused on developing key skills and providing information and advice on future options. These workshops are designed to relate to a particular stage of students' learning and are planned so as not to disrupt preparation for exams. For example, students in Year 7 will think about taking responsibility for their own future and how to adapt to the changing workload, whereas Year 11 students work to understand how their post-16 options impact on future education and career opportunities.

Programmes for targeted groups

In addition to the core workshops IntoUniversity also runs the following:

Buddy Programme - For groups of 20 x Year 8 students; 2 days including a university visit to develop subject knowledge and learn more about university life.

Careers in FOCUS - For groups of 15 x Year 8 or 9 students; series of workshops led by volunteers from a range of professions (all include an interactive activity).

Business in FOCUS - For groups of Year 8-10 students; business volunteers work with students on a one-day challenge designed to promote skills in leadership, teamwork and managing under pressure.

Leadership in FOCUS - For small groups of Year 9 students; three-day programme which teaches leadership skills and raises aspiration, self-esteem and motivation.

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