Personal Statements

The link below has lots of tips on how your child can make sure they promote their skills and experience to the full, to support their HE application, plus typical 'do's' and 'don't's' (including a short 5 minute video, as an introduction, to help guide them through the process):
UCAS - How to write an Undergraduate Personal Statement

For a more comprehensive 'step by step' explanation of what your child needs to include in their personal statement, watch the video below:
Bath Spa University - Personal Statement: Schools and Colleges
(approx 20 mins long)

This workbook provides more tips on what to include and things to avoid:

Personal Statement Workbook

Course - specific advice

The following links provide tips on how to write a personal statement, based on the type of course being applying for:
Art & Design
Computer Science

No work experience?

If your child does not have any work experience, or very little, the link below provides advice on how they can best promote what they have done and how to develop their skills further, online or through volunteering etc.
Student Room - Expert tips to help you write your Personal Statement without work experience

* Please note that the comments made in The Student Room are solely the opinions of specific individuals and are not opinions of the WIN