Research & Evaluation

NERUPI framework

The WIN embraces the 'Network for Evaluating and Researching University Participation Initiatives' (NERUPI) Framework, as the primary basis of our evaluation strategy. This framework maintains five key principles which bring together theory, research and practice, to enable thoughtful and effective analysis of our delivery. These principles are: Know, Choose, Become, Practice and Understand.

Know – Develop students’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of Higher Education.

Choose – Develop students’ capacity to make informed choices.

Become – Develop students’ confidence and resilience to negotiate the challenges of university life.

Practice – Develop students’ study skills.

Understand – Develop students understanding and subject knowledge, whilst supporting attainment raising.

The five principles of the NERUPI framework also directly informs our delivery planning, through the ‘5 Strands of WIN'


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