What is the Outreach Hub?

The remit of the NCOP partnerships has been expanded for Phase 2 of the project, now including support for “Outreach Hubs”.
The Hubs are intended to help teachers and advisers find out about outreach activities available in their particular area. It is also intended to pro-actively support schools and colleges in areas of low Higher Education participation, to access specific outreach and provide a platform for local collaborative activity.
The aims of the Hub facility are to provide open, transparent and impartial information regarding Higher Education options from a number of sources including employers, local authorities and local enterprise partnerships (LEP’s) and to ensure that any gaps in Higher Education outreach are eliminated.
In developing a local Outreach Hub, the WIN will be using its website to host and publicise activities from a range of partners. The WIN will also be contacting a number of schools across the Bath, Weston-super-Mare and Wiltshire area, to directly offer activities and events that provide information about the option of Higher Education to students.
The WIN Outreach Hub will have two, part-time, Hub Co-ordinators, who will work with partners and institutions to ensure that activities are promoted and facilitated.
If you have any questions regarding the WIN Outreach Hub, if you are interested in creating a partnership with the WIN or have content suggestions for the website please contact Ben Anderson (North Somerset) or Penny Bradley (BANES and Wiltshire).